W4OS – OpenSimulator Web Interface 2.2.1 – by Speculoos World

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WordPress interface for OpenSimulator (w4os).


  • Version 2.2.1
  • Version WordPress 5.0
  • Testé jusqu’à 5.8.1
  • Version PHP 5.6
  • Étiquettes OpenSimulator, Second Life, metaverse, avatar, web interface, grids, standalone, hypergrid, 3D
  • Auteur Speculoos World
  • Soutenir le projet https://paypal.me/magicoli

Ready to use WordPress interface for OpenSimulator. Provide user registration, default avatar model choice, login info and statistics for grids or standalone simulators.

See Features and Roadmap sections for current and upcoming functionalties.


  • Grid info: [gridinfo] shortcode and admin dashboard widgets
  • Grid status: [gridstatus] shortcode and admin dashboard widgets
  • Avatar creation:
    • Opensimulator section in standard wp profile page
    • [gridprofile] shortcode can be inserted in any custom page
    • Avatar tab in account dashboard on WooCommerce websites
  • Choose avatar look from default models
  • Avatar and website passwords are synchronized
  • Reserved names: avatar whose first name or last name is “Default”, “Test”, “Admin” or the pattern used for appearance models are disallowed for public (such avatars must be created by admins from Robust console)
  • Web assets server: the needed bridge to display in-world images on a website
  • OpenSimulator settings page:
    • grid name, login uri and database connection settings
    • naming scheme of default models
    • exclude models from grid stats

Paid version

The free version from WordPress plugins directory and the paid version are technically the same. The only difference is the way you support this plugin developement: with the free version, you join the community experience (please rate and comment), while the paid version helps us to dedicate resources to this project.

  • Robust server must be installed before setting up W4OS.
  • To allow users to choose an avatar on registration, you must enable user
    profiles in Robust.ini (update [UserProfilesService], [ServiceList] and
    [UserProfiles] sections)
  • You should have a working assets server (see Dependencies section below)

WordPress configuration

  1. Download and activate the latest stable release
  2. Visit OpenSim settings (admin menu > “Opensim” > “Settings”)
  • Enter your grid name and grid URI (like example.org:8002 without http://)
  • Enter your robust database connection details and submit. If you get a
    database connection error, it might come from a case-sensitivity issue (see
  • insert [gridinfo] and [gridstatus] shortcodes in a page or in a sidebar widget
  1. Set permalinks and profile page
  • Visit Settings > Permalinks, confirm W4OS slugs (profile and assets) and save.
  • Create a page with the same slug as Profile permalink.
    (This will be handled in a more convenient way in the future)

Create avatar models

Avatar models are displayed on new avatar registration and allow new users to start with another appearance than Ruth.

  • Check (or change) their naming convention in Admin > OpenSimulator > Settings > Avatar models
  • From robust console, create a user named accordingly (for example, “Female Default”, Default John”, …).
      R.O.B.U.S.T. # create user Default John
      Password: ************************
      Email []: (leave empty)
      User ID (enter for random) []:  (leave empty)
      Model name []: (leave empty)
      15:27:58 - [USER ACCOUNT SERVICE]: Account Default John xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx created successfully
    • A password is needed as you need connect in-world to configure it.
      Choose a strong password, any hack could affect all new users.
    • FirstName or LastName has to match your W4OS Avatar models settings
    • The rest of the name will be displayed in the form, so make it relevant
    • You can leave “Email” and “User ID” blank
    • Leave “Model Name” blank, you are creating a model, not using an existing model to create a user
  • Connect in-world as this avatar and change outfit. Any worn clothing or attachment will be passed to the new avatars. Be sure to wear only transfer/copy items.
  • Make a snapshot and attach it to this account profile

The model will now appear in new avatar registration form, with its profile picture.

These accounts will be excluded from grid statistics.


  • Web Asset Server: the project requires a web asset server to convert simulator assets (profile pictures, model avatars…) and display them on the website. W4OS provides a web assets service, or you can specify an external web assets service URL instead.

  • PHP Modules: while they are not required, WordPress recommends activating PHP curl and xml modules. They are also recommended by W4OS for full functionalties.

See (https://github.com/GuduleLapointe/w4os/projects/1) for up-to-date status.

Short term (v2.2)

  • [x] Include web asset server
  • [x] Add avatar picture to gridprofile output
  • [x] Sidebar grid info and grid status widgets.
  • [x] Use avatar profile pic as WP avatar
  • [x] Show avatar picture in user lists
  • [x] Login page / Widget
  • [x] Option to show avatar name instead of real name in user lists
  • [x] Manual Grid and WP users sync
  • [x] Cron Grid and WP users sync
  • [x] Public avatar profile
  • [x] Auth with avatar credentials (if no matching wp account, create one)

Medium term

  • [x] get grid info from http://login.uri:8002/get_grid_info
  • [x] Web Assets server
  • Improve avatar profile
    • Switch to allow public profile
    • Better basic layout
    • Web edit profile
  • Admin Start / Stop regions
  • Admin Create region
  • Admin Use sim/grid configuration file to fetch settings if on the same host
  • Helpers (search, currency, map…)

Long term

  • Admin create users
  • Admin create models (from current appearance)
  • Deactivate (recommended) or delete (experimental) grid user when deleting wp account
  • Choice between Robust console or database connection
  • User’s own regions control (create, start, stop, backup)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions integration for user-owned Regions or other pay-for services

Do I need to run the website on the same server?

No, if your web server has access to your OpenSimulator database.

Can I use this plugin for my standalone simulator?

Yes, it works too. Use OpenSim database credentials when requested for Robust credentials.

Why can’t I change my avatar name?

This is an OpenSimulator design limitation. Regions rely on cached data to display avatar information, and once fetched, these are never updated. As a result, if an avatar’s name (or grid URI btw) is changed, the change will not be reflected on regions already visited by this avatar (which will still show the old name), but new visited region will display the new one. This could be somewhat handled for a small standalone grid, but never in hypergrid context. There is no process to force a foreign grid to update its cache, and probably never will.

  1. Grid info and grid status examples
  2. Avatar registration form in WooCommerce My Account dashboard.
  3. Settings page
  4. Web assets server settings



  • fixed user login broken if w4os_login_page is set to profile and OpenSim database is not connected


  • new grid based authentication; if wp user exists, password is reset to grid password; if not, a new wp user is created
  • new profile page
  • new grid and wordpress users sync
  • new basic blocks support
  • new Grid info settings are checked against Robust server. If Login URI is not set, localhost:8002 is checked.
  • new ‘Grid info’ and ‘Grid status’ sidebar widgets
  • new internal web assets server
  • added option to replace name by avatar name in users list
  • added internal update process
  • added assets permalink settings
  • added profile image to gridprofile output
  • fix slow assets, store cached images in upload folder to serve them directly by the web server
  • fix #21 Fatal error Call to undefined function each()
  • assets optimized (write converted images inside upload/ folder to let them serve directly by the web server)
  • replace wp avatar picture with in-world profile picture if set
  • use version provided by .version if present
  • More comprehensive database connection error reporting
  • show internal or external asset server uri according to provide web assets service value


  • added login form to gridprofile shortcode when not connected instead of login message
  • added w4os-shortcode classes
  • added screenshots
  • fix fatal error when trying to display WooCommerce Avatar tab form in My Account
  • fix localisation not loading
  • shorter “Avatar” label, removed uuid in gridprofile shortcode


  • Now distributed via WordPress plugins directory
  • Official git repository changed to GitHub
  • renamed plugin as W4OS – OpenSimulator Web Interface
  • fix other WP plugins directory requirements
  • fix localizations not loading
  • fix regression, automatic updates restored. Users with version 2.0 to 2.0.3 will need to reinstall the plugin from source. Sorry.
  • use plugin dir to detect slug instead of hardcoded value
  • renamed [w4os_profile] shortcode as [gridprofile] for consistency. w4os_profile is kept for backwards compatibility


  • fix #2 Database check fails if mysql is case insensitive
  • fix #4 Database connection error triggered if userprofile table is absent
  • fix #10 invalid JSON response when adding [w4os_profile] shortcode element
  • fix wrong letter cases in auth table name
  • fix only show profile form for current user
  • better css loading
  • only check once if w4os db is connected
  • added login page link to message displayed when trying to see profile while not connected
  • more detailed error messages for avatar creation


  • added changelog, banners and icons to view details
  • fix “Yes” and “No” translations
  • fix typo in banners and icons urls, can’t believe I didn’t see this before…
  • fixed conflict with other extensions settings pages
  • changed update server library to frogerme’s WP Plugin Update Server