WooPUS – WooCommerce Integration for Plugin Update Server 1.3.1 – by Magiiic

WooCommerce integration for Plugin Update Server


  • Version 1.3.1
  • WordPress Version 4.5
  • Tested up to 5.6.2
  • PHP Version 5.6
  • Tags wppus, plugin update server, WooCommerce, license keys
  • Author Magiiic
  • Donate link https://paypal.me/magicoli

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Sell plugin licenses and synchronize the license keys with Plugin Update Server.


  • Synchronize licenses bought with WP Plugin Update Server. When product is sold, the license generated by License Manager is sent to the Plugin Update Server
  • Populate plugin info on the product page, from the zip file. The data is updated at every save.
  • Any WooCommerce product with a valid WP plugin in its downloadable files and a matching post slug will be processed.


Future developements might include alternatives.

I assume you already have a running WP Plugin Update Server, so I won’t detail here the steps to set it up and enable auto updates for your custom plugin, this is covered by their documentation

  1. Download and install this plugin via WP interface or unzip to /wp-content/plugins/woopus
  2. Get your “Private API Authentication Key” from “WP Plugin Update Server” admin menu > “Licenses” tab
  3. Create a Generator in “License Manager” admin menu > “Generator”
  4. Create product.
    • It’s important that the permalink is the same as the plugin slug (if the zip name is your-plugin.zip, the slug is ‘your-plugin’). The easiest way is to set the slug as title (it will be changed later).
    • add your-plugin.zip to the downloadable files of the product. By uploading it or setting the file url to https://your.server/wp-content/wppus/packages/your-plugin.zip
    • set License Manager options
    • Don’t write anything in description and excerpt, it will be replaced
    • Save. The page gets updated with complete plugin info.

The Plugin Update Server could be on a different website than your WooCommerce website. However, in this case and as for now, you will have to upload the plugin .zip manually after every update. This should be adressed in a future update.

When you upload the plugin manually, WooPUS will try to fetch the data from the Plugin Update Server if it’s on the same website. If it fails, it will use the data from the uploaded zip.

There is only one question that matters, and the answer is 42.


  • don’t translate meta names (readme.txt is expected to be in English)


  • new readme sections displayed as product tabs
  • cache and permalink rules flush on acivation and update


  • added warning on generated content
  • fix translations loading too late


  • fix dependencies conflict with other plugins


  • added option to synchronize procuct thumbnails with plugin icon (beta)


  • new option to enable or disable product info sync, disabled by default
  • added thumbnail update (with a default icon for now)
  • fix thumbnail not reattached if file already exists
  • fix thumbnail not duplicated animore when identical
  • added default icons assets
  • updated readme


  • new metablock with Version, PHP and WP requirements, Author…


  • fix settings page link in actions on plugins page


  • new auto update post with plugin info
  • added version to title
  • requires product slug to be the same as plugin slug
  • get the package zip from wppus/packages directory, otherwise the first valid plugin in downloadable files
  • fix result still using previous dev test files as source
  • removed obsolete empty files
  • moved WooPus WC submenu down


  • fix wppus-hide-licence-warnings.js conflict with other plugins using it


  • fix get_plugin_data possible crash in init
  • load js with wp queue instead of hardcoded


  • cleanup test files
  • exclude development and source files from .zip release


  • added constants for common strings
  • fixed WC menu name
  • use same registration text in plugins page and woopus settings page
  • use page slug as package_slug if attribute not set in product


  • fix store url in registration notice


  • added banners
  • added second part to title


  • kinda working, pretty cool
  • settings page with recommended plugins
  • admin notice function