Advanced Ads Pro 2.16.1 – by Advanced Ads GmbH

15,00 / year

Advanced features to boost your ad revenue.


  • Version 2.16.1
  • WordPress Version WP 4.9
  • Tested up to 5.9
  • PHP Version 5.6
  • Author Advanced Ads GmbH
  • Donate link

Advanced Ads Pro extends the free version of Advanced Ads with additional features that help to increase revenue from ads.


  • check delivered ads within the admin bar in the frontend
  • cache-busting to lazy load ads on cached pages
  • test placements against each other
  • option to limit an ad to be displayed only once per page
  • refresh ads without reloading the page
  • select ad-related user role for users
  • inject ads into any content which uses a filter hook
  • click fraud protection
  • alternative ads for ad block users
  • lazy loading
  • place custom code after an ad
  • disable all ads by post type
  • serve ads on other websites


  • use display and visitor conditions in placements
  • pick any position for the ad in your frontend
  • inject ads between posts on posts lists, e.g. home, archive, category
  • inject ads based on images, tables, containers, quotes and any headline level in the content
  • ads on random positions in posts (fighting ad blindness)
  • ads above the main post headline
  • ads in the middle of a post
  • background / skin ads
  • set a minimum content length before content injections are happending
  • set a minimum amount of words between ads injected into the content
  • dedicated placements for bbPress
  • dedicated placements for BuddyPress
  • show ads from another blog in a multisite
  • repeat content placement injections
  • allow Post List placement in any loop on static pages
  • ad server to embed ads on other websites

display and visitor conditions:

  • display ads based on where the user comes from (referrer)
  • display ads based on the user agent (browser)
  • display ads based on url parameters (request uri)
  • display ads based on user capability
  • display ads based on the browser language
  • display ads based on number of previous page impressions
  • display ads based on number of ad impressions per period
  • display ads to new or recurring visitors only
  • display ads based on a set cookie
  • display ads based on page template
  • display ads based on post meta data
  • display ads based on post parent
  • display ads based on the day of the week
  • display ads based on language of the page set with WPML
  • display ads based on GamiPress points, ranks, and achievements

Advanced Ads Pro is based on the free Advanced Ads plugin, a simple and powerful ad management solution for WordPress.
You can use Advanced Ads along any other ad management plugin and don’t need to switch completely.


  • Improvement: disable cache-busting for Custom Position placements with static ads
  • Fix: prevent encoding of cookie values and regular expressions for cookie visitor conditions


  • Feature: add the “post content” display condition
  • Improvement: update German and Arabic translations
  • Fix: reset page impressions number when the cookie that stores it expires


  • Feature: add GamiPress visitor conditions based on achievements, ranks, and points
  • Improvement: add mobile click detection on Auto Ads to the Click fraud protection
  • Fix: ensure compatibility with the Flex Mag theme when a custom position placement is used
  • Fix: resolve a JS error on the ad edit pages when cache busting is enabled
  • Fix: sanitize and verify additional user roles before saving
  • Fix: show ads that do not use cache busting in “Ads” menu
  • Fix: make it possible to use the Group Refresh feature without placements
  • Fix: decode ads for TCF if cache busting is not enabled


  • Fix: resolve a bug that prevents BuddyPress and bbPress modules from working


  • Feature: suggest text for user’s privacy policy under Settings > Privacy > Policy Guide
  • Improvement: minify Click Fraud Protection module’s JavaScript file
  • Improvement: update German and Danish translations
  • Fix: correct typo in the handle when enqueuing “advanced-ads-pro.js”
  • Fix: consider the inline attribute for ads added via shortcode if cache-busting wrapper is needed
  • Fix: resolve a bug that prevents blog_id attributes from working


  • Improvement: move JavaScript files that are used for more than cache-busting out of the cache-busting module folder
  • Improvement: increase word counter precision of the “Minimum Content Length” feature
  • Improvement: move script files to the footer by default to increase performance score
  • Improvement: remove cache-busting script files when cache-busting is disabled and no Custom Position placement exists
  • Fix: ensure that the Ad Admin role can save options


  • remove inline-css filter for passive cache-busting


  • warn if an Advanced Ads widget does not use cache-busting
  • remove cursor: pointer for background placements on AMP
  • refresh ads on the same spot: hide current and subsequent ads after clicking on close button of Sticky placement
  • respect wp_timezone settings when displaying ads on certain days only
  • made Click Fraud Protection work for Google AdSense Auto Ads
  • further minimized AJAX cache-busting footprint in footer
  • BuddyBoss: added BuddyBoss Group display condition
  • BuddyBoss placement: made possible to customize activity type
  • BuddyBoss placement: made possible to repeat position
  • made “url parameters” condition work in AJAX requests initiated by third party plugins
  • made possible to import and export options


  • disabled cache-busting when not needed for groups
  • removed deprecated Flash module
  • replaced deprecated jQuery functions
  • fixed passive cache-busting for Specific Days and CFP
  • fixed ad label when “Visitor profile” is enabled
  • Click Fraud Protection: allow using the same ad multiple times on page
  • Click Fraud Protection: remove ad after first click when only one click is allowed
  • removed duplicated entries from AJAX cache-busting array in footer


  • send placement tests email from admin email when “SERVER_NAME” is undefined
  • added advanced-ads-output-wrapper-before-content-group hook used by other add-ons
  • fire event after dynamically inserted ads (e.g. lazy-loading, infinite-scroll) have been decoded


  • made Background placement work with AJAX cache-busting
  • cache-busting wrappers now have static placement classes


  • decode ads that are loaded with infinite scroll and need consent
  • fixed some combinations of cache-busting, tracking, and TCF consent
  • fixed “advadsProCfp is not defined” error when clicking on a click-protected ad before the page fully loaded
  • fixed compatibility between “Words Between Ads” and the TCF v2.0 integration


  • auto hide all ads after Click Fraud Protection is triggered
  • Click Fraud Protection: use module-wide or individual ad click limit, whichever is more strict
  • prevented displaying some warnings by amp validator
  • integrate with TCF 2.0 compatible consent management platforms


  • added more string compare options to the Cookie visitor condition
  • added BuddyBoss placement to inject ads into the activity stream
  • switched element picker for Custom Position placement when using Advanced Ads 1.19
  • auto-save placement page after parent element was selected for Custom Position


  • backend UI improvements to module activation and date fields
  • prepare for Advanced Ads 1.19
  • removed unneeded debug line from Browser Console
  • fixing incorrect symbols in numeric fields automatically


  • open ads loaded through the Ad Server automatically in a new window to prevent loading the target page in an iframe
  • changed behavior of injection based on img tags to look for any images in the content except within tables
  • Cache busting: made possible to use html attributes that contain JSON strings
  • fixed error that happened when applying Random Paragraph placement to one-paragraph text
  • don’t take into account the “Words Between Ads” setting when inserting a first ad


  • New: Ad Server placement to embed ads on other websites
  • New: show Post List placement on archive pages created by the AMP for WP plugin
  • made placements of type other than “Header Code” work with “Thrive Theme Builder” theme
  • shift ads from bottom when “repeat the position” and “words between ads” settings are in use
  • marked Flash module as deprecated. New users can no longer enable it. Find the schedule here
  • removed legacy code for URL Parameter visitor conditions since it moved to display conditions in 2016
  • removed legacy code for minimum content length option as set before 2016 in the main plugin settings
  • disallowed ad insertion into the header of the WP File Manager’s admin page


  • Group Refresh feature: prevented impression tracking when it is disabled in the Tracking add-on
  • fixed Custom Position placement showing in the footer when selector does not exist
  • fixed broken link in the description of the User Agent condition


  • use Display and Visitor Conditions in placements
  • allow content injection based on iframe tag
  • set minimum amount of words between ads injected into the content
  • show the link to duplicate an ad only when the ad was already saved once
  • moved output of “Custom Code” outside the link
  • fixed clearfix option of Custom Position placement
  • fixed wide ‘select’ elements in conditions that broke layout
  • fixed possible bug that prevented Pro settings from being saved


  • added advanced_ads_pro_output_custom_code filter to manipulate the Custom Code option
  • prevented returning default language in the WPML plugin when AJAX cache-busting is used
  • prevented reset of the “Disable ads for post types” option when saving Pro settings
  • fix “Disable ads for post types” option when using AJAX cache-busting
  • fixed possible PHP warning


  • fixed a minify-related bug that prevented some Custom Position placement from working


  • new feature: duplicate ads
  • load group name to Cache Busting code as per request by a customer

Build: 2022-04-3c7fde93