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Band Tools 0.9.3 – by Magiiic

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Tools for artists, bands, musicians, …


Sold By: Magiiic
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Post types and tools for bands. Allow publishing of records with songs
list. Easy enough for a single band. Complete enough for several ones.


I am a singer, and a web designer. There are many plugins and themes for bands
out there, but I found none suiting my needs. Either way too complicate, either
lacking essential features for me.

I wanted something:

  • very simple. Let’s talk about bands, records and songs and link them together
  • opened to my other needs: sell my records
  • theme-agnostic
  • e-commerce agnostic (although I focus first on WooCommerce integration)


  • Linked post types for bands, records and songs
  • Links to WooCommerce products
  • Customizable layouts for bands, records and songs
  • Widgets, shortcodes and WPBakery blocks to display related items. Adaptive
    depending of the post type (band, record, song) or specific.
  • Bands, Records and Songs available for navigation menus
  • Bands available as home page by default. Records and Songs can be enabled too.

Next moves

  • Better widgets: cleaner and more complete display (thumbnails for records and bands, direct buy or link, player…)
  • Audio player
  • Video player
  • Extended WooCommerce integration (add to cart buttons)
  • External product links (to specific online store and common distribution platforms)
  • Guttenberg Blocks
  • Automatic submenus for bands, records and songs

Future plans

  • Audio playlists for records and songs, uploaded locally
  • Video playlists for songs from YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Crowdfunding based on WC sales (might be in a separate plugin)
  • Links between different Band Tools enabled websites
  • Events
  • Network / Multisite integration
  1. Unzip into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Head to « Band Tools » admin menu and check settings
  4. Create at least one Band, then records and songs at will
  5. Enjoy

Who are you?

I’m a singer, I’m a grinner, I’m a joker, I’m a midnight coder.

  1. This is not an actual screenshot, I’ll add one when there is something cool
    to show


  • fix #50 video shown as url instead of embed (content was not processed)


  • allow edit records relations in products


  • added customizer panel (fix #47)


  • new wpbakery blocs
  • fix #8 flex causing mess in edit pages
  • changed icons colors


  • added record release type
  • added song authors
  • fix authors list not displayed


  • fix Fatal error introduced in a04e95512275b4007a43d3d159d6bed46a45faf0


  • updated translations


  • added options to show official links or not


  • added band official website and official store (implements #29)


  • change: ‘album’ post type is changed to ‘record’
    Existing menus or customizations might require a manual update
  • added update process


  • added product relationship (fix issue #9)
  • added settings to toggle info under content
  • added options to display info under title
  • fix issue #5 title suffix added to breadcrumbs
  • fix meta-box license notice
  • fix singular form not detected before post type creation
  • fix meta-box license notice
  • fix multiple option returned as true when all of them are disabled
  • fix flex blocks only in band tools edit or settings pages


  • fix permalinks and css refresh on activation, update and deactivation
  • fix show subtitle only under main page title
  • added styling to infobox prefixes and suffixes


  • fix numbered list type


  • added prefix and suffix for bndtls_get_meta and bndtls_get_relations
  • renamed build_relationships to bndtls_get_relations


  • added genre under title for bands, records, songs
  • added band under title for records and songs
  • added band info fields
  • show infoboxes as grid on frontend
  • show custom fields blocks as grid


  • fix oops, I disabled autoload when I removed afragen…
  • removed afragen libraries, including own deps (previously it was just disabled)


  • fix chatty error log when no bands, records or songs exist yet
  • removed afragen dependency installer, too resource hungry


  • updated shortcodes for mb framework
  • updated ‘all’ widget for mb framework (not all, only the one called ‘all’). Other ones are updated but not functional yet
  • added style hierarchy to nested infobox
  • added shorcodes memo to dashboard
  • added option to disable plugin templates


  • fix function remove_meta_box_menu redeclared


  • fix debug code left on output


  • added single/plural form to relationships
  • improved get title from relationship instead of post type
  • fix wrong result when asking a sub option and none set
  • fix front page display for custom types
  • fix plural in translations
  • don’t show title in nested infoboxes


  • added front page settings
  • added template for band when selected as home page
  • fix current page display in infoboxes
  • fix regression singular/plural bands, records, groups
  • fix regression: preferences not read for clean titles, single-archive redirect, widget area
  • fix Dashboard submenu name


  • new custom content template: show parent and child related items band/records, band/songs, records/songs
  • new plugin templates: single-[slug].php content-single-[slug].php content-archive-[slug].php ([slug] is bands, records or songs)
  • added mb-custom-post-type and mb-relationships libraries
  • added relations in list view
  • enhancement css refresh after update (use plugin version for css enqueue)
  • disable metabox menu if only bundled (when actual plugin is not active)
  • fix special characters display in custom post strings translations (removed esc_html filter)
  • fix PHP warning (remove_menu_page invoked with admin_init instead of admin_menu)
  • fix bad location for includes/woocommerce.php


  • intermediate version: partially migrated to meta-box, but acf is still needed for some stuff
  • new allow to select group as home page
  • added meta-box, meta-box-group and mb-settings-page libraries
  • added afragen/wp-dependency-installer library
  • migrated dependencies check to afragen library
  • spring cleaning


  • tested up to WP 5.7
  • new shortcode to display related objects
  • new catch-all widget with all relations
  • new function to build shortcode and widget content
  • changed Plugin Name to « Band Tools », instead of « Bands Tools », to match slug
  • added license key support
  • added widget styling
  • exclude development and source files from .zip release
  • lighter assets
  • fix dependencies check conflict with other plugins
  • fix unset array php warning
  • fix widget duplicate ids
  • fix widget nested id
  • fix wppus-hide-licence-warnings.js conflict with other plugins using it
  • fix installRow and licenseRow inversion
  • fix add_option fired too early and causing crash
  • constants for common values
  • added songs per record view


  • new automatic singular or plural post names for archives and menus
  • new settings custom post naming
  • added redirection for archives containing a single post
  • added « Custom sidebars » to recommended plugins
  • added page-attributes support
  • added widget area (currently depends on theme customizaton or external plugin)
  • fix missing install link for recommended plugins
  • added videos to singular/plural names

0.3 – 0.3.9

  • added band, record, song, video categories
  • added standard tags to all types without custom tags
  • added post-formats support
  • added video post type
  • added video widget
  • added recommended plugins to settings page
  • added clean titles option fo Categories, Archives, Taxonomies, Authors, Taxes
  • added translation template and French localisation
  • udpate load WooCommerce fields only if WC is active
  • fix settings pages translations: load textdomain before acf fields definition


  • added: dependency check
  • fix: flush permalinks on activate
  • updated: widget titles in singular or plural form
  • cleanup custom types, objects and functions names


Basicly functional

  • Band, Record and Song post types
  • Relations between Bands, Records and songs
  • Widgets with links to related objects